A Clockwork Orange.1971.Stanley Kubrick


A Clockwork Orage

When I was just starting with my obsession on films, I came upon a list on the top ten banned films. I was still on my Miyazaki phase back then and I was amused by what I saw. ‘A Clockwork Orange’, what an interesting title? And to add, I was playing this online game, Kingdom of Loathing, and they have a familiar, or a pet, that is named as clockwork orange. I immediately looked for this film in imdb and found who the director is, Stanley Kubrick. After a while I was finally able to watch this film. And I just told myself, ‘What a great film!’

The story goes about a semi-futuristic British era set in the seventies where a young man (Malcolm Mcdowell) is troubled by a broken morality. He bullies the weak, he goes on gang wars, he has no road rules, he goes on random threesomes, he rapes and murders, and yeah, he basically doesn’t care with what he is doing. He is violent, sexually-crazed, and arrogant.

The film then gives us the three stages of the story of the young man’s journey to goodness in an immoral sense.

The first stage was mentioned already. It showed that he doesn’t care about any rules. The second stage was the time when he ended up in prison and his ‘healing’ process leading to the good but without any choices using the Ludovico treatment, where patients are forced to watch sick films to constraint the violent and sexual id of the person. And the last stage is karma knocking back to our anti-hero.

I particularly loved this film due to a lot of factors; the senseless but carefully orchestrated violence; the artful direction of the director, Stanley Kubrick; the language used in the film where the screenplay came from the book of the same title; and lastly, I loved the music; as Malcolm said in the film, ‘don’t you put the name of Ludvig Van’s name in vain’ or something in that sense.

If you watch this film right now, you’d probably say that this film looks really familiar. And if you’ve seen Mike De Leon’s Batch ’81, then you’re probably right. It doesn’t matter though since the two directors provide us a different taste of craftsmanship. It is better of you watch both films anyway.

And here’s a tip when watching this film, turn on the subtitles. I’m sure you’ll need it. So what are you waiting for, you droog? You don’t have to sit there and wait for the in-out in-out. Look for 655321 and you’ll be saved.


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