7th Australian Film Festival in Manila.


7th Australian Film Festival poster

I knew I forgot something. The 7th Australian Film Festival is currently running in Manila and in Cebu a week after. Head here if you want to see the whole schedule or just read below if you want to see the schedule for the Manila leg from November 7 and November 8, 20009.

7th Australian Film Festival
5-14 November 2009
Film Synopsis & Screening Schedule

Greenbelt 3 Cinema 3 – Makati City
* Admission fee: Php65.00

4:00 PM – Danny Deckchair
6:00 PM – The Bank
8:00 PM – The Black Balloon

4:00 PM – Garage Days
6:00 PM – The Hard Word
8:00 PM – Unfinished Sky

I’ve already seen Danny Deckchair and Garage Days and they’re so-so films for me. Here are the rest of the films with their respective IMDB ratings:
The Bank (6.7 IMDB score)
The Black Balloon (7.5 IMDB score)
The Hard Word (6.0 IMDB score)
Unfinished Sky (6.5 IMDB score)

I’m interested with The Black Balloon because this is the frontline film for this year’s Aussie Filmfest. I might as well DL it and watch it. The entrance is quite cheap actually but I’m doing something this weekend.

Danny Deckchair film poster.The Bank film poster.The Black Balloon film poster.

Garage Days film poster.The Hard Word film poster.Unfinished Sky film poster.


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