Bronson.2008.Nicolas Winding Refn


Funny face Bronson.

It took me a while to determine if I have to write something about this film. At first, it was sort of going to the crap side but further understanding brought it to a glimmer of the limelight.

We have our anti-hero, Michael Peterson also known as Charles Bronson, after a famous actor, who starts off with his self-introduction using a monologue-ish approach to the audience, using a canned applause and us, the viewers, without really breaking the fourth wall.

He shows his violent nature in all aspects which he eventually ends up in prison. But an ordinary prison can’t contain him so an asylum for the criminally insane welcomed him in open arms. Well, not really.

What made this film distinct from the other violent prisoner movies is that the use of cut scenes of theatric monologue and film story is well and effective. You wouldn’t expect this from a scary grown man to do things like singing, stand-up, and anything anti-thesis to a violent character.

But wait there’s more; there are also scenes of animation and a guard soaping Charles’ in his full monty. Yes, there are male sexual organ scenes.

This is based on a real person, Charles Bronson, who is still in person. I am hoping that scene with the soap is purely the director’s touch.

So, the tradition continues for the violent and funny films made the British and this one is almost at par with a film like Snatch.


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