Top11.My Feel Good Films of All Time



It is always easier to come up with a random number of items in a list and obviously, it is harder to come up with top tens. It is either you have a lot of things or you lack stuff. As much as I want to come up with a top 15, I’ll prolly end up with a top eleven. Why eleven? It is like asking me why the answer to the greatest question is forty-two.

This list that I have for today looks easy, but it is really not. So, here’s my top eleven feel good film ‘of all time’, in no particular order.

The Mystery Men

1. Mystery Men

I’ve always been a fan of Ben Stiller maybe except for The Heartbreak Kid. And for me, I always have a thing for a great soundtrack and superheroes. Who would’ve thought that mixing heroes with powers such as pull-my-finger-out-comes-fart man; a person who throws forks; an invisible boy who’ll be invisible if no one is looking; a goth bowling lady; a shovel man; and a person who’s power is rage can be really amusing even it if it is not laugh out loud funny. It just says that everyone can be a ‘All-star’.

Home Alone

2. Home Alone 1 and 2

A film full of booby traps and people who are ensnared by those traps without getting hurt is a sure-fire way to enjoy my childhood. Did you know that Newsweek or Time magazine came out with the actual hospital cost in case you’ve been hit of any or all of Culkin’s traps? Home Alone gives us an effective use of children and films.

Big Fish

3. Big Fish

The first time I saw this, I was crying buckets. It was such an effective bro film that I wasn’t the only one affected by this film. I guess the subconscious is saying something here, that a mix of man drama and fantasy would surely pick the right buttons on one’s male mind.

Ace Ventura

4. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Before Jim Carrey’s hit The Mask came a film about a pet detective and his love for animals. Some people prolly doesn’t like the way he shows his slapstick capability but if you love him, just this early, he had shown his real talent without exerting any real effort. And a friend just lent me a copy of this in VHS form. Don’t you just love the pre-torrent days?

Clue cast?

5. Clue

This is prolly one of the few films that I enjoyed just recently; mainly, because I love the theme, based on the board game Cluedo. Even if it bombed financially, for me, it is still a hit. I can watch this film a lot of times and not get bored with it. Maybe, I just want to add a few more plot twists on how to kill the butler or Col. Mustard.


6. Army Of Darkness

Bruce Campbell should be elevated to the demigod of cult films. If you’re not familiar with this film then you are missing a lot. Sam Raimi gave us the Evil Dead series but, for me, the third part, is his best work. Who would’ve thought that mash-uping comedy and an army of skeletons is such a delight for my eyes? And yes, there are a handful of endings for this film, have you seen ‘em all?

Indiana Jones

7. Raiders Of The Lost Ark; Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom; and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

I have a great respect for Steven Spielberg. Imagine he was able to conceptualize such a trilogy; there is no such thing as a Crystal Skull. A teacher of archeology who has a sideline of adventuring artifacts is an awesome concept and bringing the adventures to us made the film an eye-candy for me.

The Vontrapp Fam

8. The Sound Of Music

This is why I love musicals. The music really brought this film from good to best. With a taste of nazi, we were able to follow the life of a pre-nun marrying a soldier. How taboo is that? Now, if the film was made today, who would’ve believed that there is such a song as ‘I Am Sixteen’?

Tad's in GQ.

9. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

One of the loser films that I worship. Awesome soundtrack, a beautiful leading lady, and loser of a main man; what more can you ask for? This film is for all those ordinary guys out there that at least in the movies, you can still get the lady, your way.

Neverending love.

10. Neverending Story 1 and 2

I can’t forget Limahl’s song in my head. I will always remember this film. So, we have a young boy who is being bullied and ends up in a bookstore giving this boy the power over a book. How awesome is that? I think I have a thing with helpless people saving the beautiful princess.

The Goonies

11. The Goonies

And this is the only film that I can really, really watch every day. Kids, pirates, and treasure are a great adventure film and topping it all off with Cyndi Lauper’s high-pitched voice. Even if this film is not a hit in the box-office, I guess gaining a cult status makes the film a winner.

So, those are my faves. How about you?


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