10 Great Films That Prove Slow Isn’t Always Boring by FilmSchoolRejects.


Slow films are sometimes subjective. As a film lover, I sometimes have to endure a few of those slow films no matter how long or short they are. We have to accept that the filmmaker’s objective, sometimes, is to just create a film on whatever his / her liking. We cannot do anything about it if he / she decides to get it slow and it is just a subjective view on whether it is really slow or sadly, boring.

It doesn’t matter if the film is boring. I guess there is a little quality to that slow film. It doesn’t engross you much but it doesn’t bore you. There are no exciting or engaging scenes for you but you still want to know what happens next.

FSR gives us their ten great films that prove slow isn’t always boring.

I saw Barry Lyndon already; Stanley Kubrick wanted me to watch it and probably The Clearing too.

Here is my subjective list on slow films that I’ve seen this year:

marley and me

oro plata mata

miller’s crossing

frozen river

yi yi

year of the dog

sling blade

seven pounds

the soloist


the hurt locker

I’ve included The Hurt Locker because I really do think that the pacing was slow. I may be wrong as a lot of people who have seen it were engaged with its exciting appeal. I didn’t. Year Of The Dog was cringe-y. And Baghead starts out slow. Also, OPM starts out slow for me; scratch the part with the gun-fighting and head-blowing scene, and this one is definitely a great film for me.

Again, the list I made above is just a list of films that I’ve seen this year. I have no intention of doing my greatest list for this category.


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