Der Untergang.2004.Oliver Hirschbiegel


The best way to portray Adolf Hitler are having a German direct the film, shooting the film in Germany, and giving his personality on a more human angle, as most of us conceive him as a powerful person, a demi-god even.

Der Untergang translated in English means The Downfall and what a wonderful story telling where you’ll see the fall of Berlin and the fall of the Nazi. It shows us the insightful detail that even though they are at the brink of defeat; they are still trying to fend off the strong Allies.

Despite the dwindling number of Nazi soldiers, most of them have died already and the others are just German civilians, you’d still see them fight. It might seem pathetic but children were being awarded for being good soldiers. The Nazi soldiers for not joining them are prosecuting even the old Germans. And amidst the danger, they are still partying to increase morale.

Focusing on Hitler, it was shown in the film that he actually and somehow accepted defeat. I guess it was quite obvious on who was winning. But despite that he still wanted to fight, to move on. He was a dreamer. He wanted a lot of things but it didn’t go his way and it was somehow, sad to see, an old man losing.

The film had a superb portrayal of how war ended in Germany. A factor for this is the focus of the movie on the Germans alone. The Allies weren’t really shown much; it was just at the end of the film when they were victorious and even at that, the fleeing Germans were still the focus of that scene.

I guess I’m used to World War 2 films where a lot of people are getting killed. Take Schindler’s List for instance, that is one depressing WW2 film. But this one, you don’t get depressed and at the same time you don’t feel the joyous feeling that the Nazis lose. There was empathy involved and in the end you’d just feel that no one is omnipotent. They were human after all.



  1. one thing that horrified me in this movie is how they killed the Goebels children..so sad…

    but, nice movie anyway…

  2. that’s the power of war, no one is saved.

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