Keka.2003.Quark Henares


Our film industry in the early 2000’s gave us a lot of bold or sexy films. We’ve been bombarded with a lot of these that we thought the actresses who take part in these kinds of films aren’t capable of jumping to a different genre. Let us put it this way, Kim Basinger had to wait years before shying away from her sexy characters with the likes of Nine ½ Weeks, Batman, Cool World, and even Wayne’s World 2. Fast-forward to 2002, she was quite effective as Eminem’s mom in the film, 8 Mile.

We also have to take into consideration that actresses who turn to the boldie side can sometimes give an effective role even if they don’t shed off their clothing. That’s where Katya Santos, to the surprising role of Keka, comes in.

Katya had her heyday during the year 2003. She gave us Sukdulan, Sex Drive, and even First Time. And when Keka came out in the local theaters, nobody dared to watch it. I’m quite sure it failed in terms of its monetary-blockbuster value.

Now, Keka is such a unique film, a distinctive black comedy catered to us by Quark Henares the director. The traditional Filipina was given a 180-degree turn and even gave her the power to kill. It was actually necessary for Keka to kill, for her boyfriend who was killed by a rival fraternity. Henares had tweaked the formula a little bit. Just change the anti-hero to the female persona and we have a new film albeit the story of a conventional Filipino film.

I’m sure you’re going to ask if there’s any hint of sex in this film. That is where this film gets interesting. Mostly violence, effective comedic appeal, and an amiable love story. No sex involved.

Summarizing what this movie is, we can say that this is an action noir even and dark comedy with effective punch lines combined. Then you’ll be given with the phrase, “but wait there’s more” in a comical fashion. As bits and pieces of our usual local films are inserted effectively by Henares.

IMHO, I have to put this film in the Philippine cult vault and in my heart this has got to take part in the top ten films of 2003.




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