Confessions of a film addict, Ep. 01


I am going to start an article here where I would divulge my tips and tricks in watching films. I know my film reviews aren’t as spectacular with the like of Roger Ebert; I’ve quite accepted that. Most of my reviews are purely fan film review. As stated in this website, we’re not film students. We just do it for the love of the cinema. And today, I’d like to share on how I am able to watch those award winning and art films.

I have this regimen of watching fifteen films a week. The good thing about movies is that you can leave the television on and you can still do some other things like your house chores and such. If you don’t do this and you want to do it, then it can be learned. It is not as easy but in the end you’ll be able to go with the flow. The only problems with this are films that are meant for your eyes meaning those visually startling and subtitled films.

I am going to focus with one thing here. Imagine this, you have your own life and you just watch films as a form of leisure. There are times when you want to watch art films or award winning films but you’re too tired on watching them especially if you try to watch one film after another. One example is; would you do a marathon of Schindler’s List, The Pianist, and Apocalypse Now? If this is your job, being a film reviewer, then you have to painstakingly watch the three films in succession. And that is the shit.

Here is my trick. I usually insert light films at the middle to relax my mind so that I can understand the next heavy film. If you’re familiar with the films that are shown today, especially the ones shown in Cannes, they are usually full of heavy scenes or shock value.

With the unlimited number of sex, gory, violent, and taboo scenes in the works of those directors who usually join the Cannes film fest, you have to include GP-made, family-friendly, eighties films in the middle. As I’ve said, they jumpstart your mind.

Just early this month, I was able to watch A Clockwork Orange (an ultraviolent film), Gandahar (a very weird French animation), Ichi (a Japanese film), and Interstella 5555 (a Japanese animation that used the songs of the band Daft Punk) in succession. Or I’ve seen Ang Kuya Kong Siga (a Vic Sotto no brainer), The Red Shoes (a magnificent and colorful old ballet film), The Goonies (a fun-filled pirate adventure), and Safe (a dramatic film featuring Julianne Moore) in progression again.

I am not really ashamed of one of these days I’ll be posting a review of Wapakman come December, for sure I’ll be sandwiching this one with David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and Woody Allen’s Crime And Misdemeanors.


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