Julie & Julia.2009.Nora Ephron


I didn’t know that cooking, blogging, a book, and the lives of two people would make a good film. After movie-fails with the likes of Bewitched and Lucky Numbers, Nora Ephron, the director, was able to give us something as refreshing as Julie & Julia.

Shot in non-linear style, the film gives us the story of Julie Powell played by Amy Adams, who tried to cook every recipe in the book, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, and Julia Childs played by Meryl Streep is the author of the said book, showing her life during the time that the book was made in the 1960’s.

The film was really fascinating, since the only idea that I have for this film is about cooking, since they have finally and successfully tackled the hobby of blogging. A perennial blogger myself, I was able to feel what Julie was thinking without the idea of cooking, of course.

This was a sort of dual “obsession” for Julie, finishing the book and posting an entry every time she makes a successful, or failure, try of a recipe; I’m not sure if the similarities of the scenes between Julie and Julia is actually needed but for theatrical sakes, it was effective as Ephron wanted it to be.

Lastly, there’s a buzz-buzz going around regarding Meryl Streep’s nomination for the Best Actress in the Oscars come 2010. I definitely agree with them. We don’t need a cryfest dramatic best actress, I suppose, as simple but effective acting of Meryl Streep is enough for the film and that made her memorable as one of the best character portrayal for this year.


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