United 93.2006.Paul Greengrass


A great tragedy often gives us the conception that if there is something worst and realistic we opt not to recreate the moment soon. Take the 2001 tragedy in the U.S., I know a lot of film productions wanted to create a movie out of it. It is a sure win for the company but would it win the hearts of the people who lost a loved one in the calamity?

Just five years after the September 11 attacks, a film like this came out. I don’t remember this one being shown in our local theaters. Superman Returns, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, or Miami Vice could’ve placed the film on the Filipino box-office fail. And looking back, I wished I could’ve seen it, my one hundred and thirty bucks would be well spent.

We are all aware of the story of the WTC attack. We don’t know what happened to any of the events inside the airplanes, for obvious reasons. And a recreation of the occurrence inside United Airlines Flight 93 is quite interesting for us who thinks that making something like this to a film is still a no-no or in other words, it is still soon.

Essentially, the film is one big drama with no known actors. I didn’t know that they would pull this one off, thanks to Paul Greengrass, who is both the writer and the director of this movie. I know that they could’ve caused controversies when they made this and I’m glad they made it.

It was one hell of a ride for me when I saw this. It was one of that history moment’s ala Passion Of The Christ wherein you want the ending to be changed. When you wanted the villains to lose. When you wanted to change the script and let this film end with a happy ending. It was really engaging once the hijack of the airplane was announced. And it was really a bumpy ride up until the end.


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