Sunshine Cleaning.2008.Christine Jeffs


One of the entertaining films shown for this year, it was originally shown in Sundance last year, is a film entitled Sunshine Cleaning. It stars Emily Blunt and Amy Adams, and wouldn’t you know, they are a duo for a biohazard removal / cleaning service.

The film is a short journey on sisters who come up with a cleaning service on a crime scene cleanup. Based on a report regarding two women who started the said service; the sisters start a cleaning service from scratch, without any experiences or such. Think of it as a survival for them or street smart for us Filipinos.

When I first heard of this film, I started to look for it instead of just waiting. I think there is a certain appeal for women who do such a job. Christine Jeffs, the director, made an effective trouble-free drama-comedy film for using two of the upcoming stars on the lead role with Amy Adams (Doubt, Enchanted) and Emily Blunt (Charlie Wilson’s War, The Devil Wears Prada). To add, we also have the likes of Alan Arkin (Get Smart, Little Miss Sunshine) and Steve Zahn (Management, Daddy Day Care) to complete the cast.

And what I also liked about this film is the use of Michael Penn’s music all throughout the film. It was effective for a film like this.

Despite the film with no much impact value for me, I was still pleased with what I saw and I say, this is a film worth watching.


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