Cannibal Holocaust.1980.Ruggero Deodato


One of the most outrageous exploitation film genres released in the 70’s and the early 80’s is the cannibal films or the cannibal genre. Such films are a make or break for the viewer. And probably with the number of our gory films nowadays, part of these cannibals film where affected by it.

Cannibal Holocaust is the most famous cannibal film ever made. It is a narrative of documentaries that went into the forest to film the local ethnic groups. It came into a point where they saw various inhumane activities and eventually ends up endangering their lives.

The style of the film is closely related to the film The Blair Witch Project where everyone disappears and leaving the tape as the only proof of what happened to the group. The only big difference is the ruckus that this film had caused as this is banned in a number of countries. In addition, Ruggero Deodato, the director, was almost directed because the film looked so real that the people who saw it thought that the actors were dead.

The film itself has its certain fascination. Who would’ve thought that such genre exists before? The human race is indeed crazy and most people will do it for the sake of the arts, if ever we could still call this one a part of it.

If you were able to succeed in watching the Saw series, the Hostel series, and such you may want to try out this classic; to the inner cannibal in you.


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