The Nutty Professor.1963.Jerry Lewis


For a fifty year old film, The Nutty Professor doesn’t lose it touch. It retains a certain form of comedy that will still be enjoyed for years to come. This is also the first time I’ve seen a Jerry Lewis full length film. It was refreshing in a jesting sort of way.

If you’re familiar with the Eddie Murphy 1996 film The Nutty Professor, it borrows a lot of elements from the original. This time, the original, gives us the more slapstick acting of Jerry Lewis, who is also the director. For the youngsters out there, think of the slapstick movements of Jim Carrey, this is that brand of comedy.

It felt that this paved way for the funny opposites provided by the idea of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theme. In a humorous tone, Jerry Lewis provides and tells us that he can do two personalities at one time and at that time, it was quite a feat.

The film still provides us some fresh punch lines, probably because some of them were not re-used save for the exploding experiments reminiscent of those old school Looney Tunes animation. And at the same time, it also gives us a rather diminutive view of the brand of comedy of the era of the Marx Brothers.

I’ve always thought that Jerry Lewis films were lame but I was wrong after I’ve seen this.


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