Back To The Future.1985.Robert Zemeckis


The first question that comes into your mind is why do I have to create an article based on this film? Simple. Will this film still be good even after it was shown thirty years ago? I know a lot of people would say that they’ve seen this already but do you still remember the plot, the scenes, and the nitty-gritty details?

I didn’t actually remember that the scene started with Marty Mcfly’s (Michael J. Fox) family being lame. I mean who can remember that?

But despite a very brief and slow start of the film, I may say that this one is still worth viewing even if you watch it today. You will still enjoy how Marty and Doc (Christopher Lloyd) tried to re-condition / fixing the time machine. You will still enjoy Marty being kissed by his mother. You will still enjoy the part when Marty’s father punched Biff. You will still enjoy the skateboard scene. And yes, definitely, you will enjoy Marty Mcfly’s guitar riff at the end of the film.

And despite various debates on whether the timeline of the time travel in this movie is logical, you wouldn’t even notice that once you start the DVD player. Such film is considered timeless and boy, do we all love Robert Zemeckis, the director, and even Steven Spielberg, executive producer, for giving us a film like this.

You’d probably see more articles of this type. I’m trying to re-watch popular good films I’ve seen when I was still young and still try to tell you that the film is still good even with this day and age.


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