Dolores Claiborne.1995.Taylor Hackford


And I thought I saw all of Stephen King’s work already. I guess I was wrong. You know the idea of those gem-finds? I think I have to put this film in that gem-find vault. The one’s where no one is really talking about but once you watched it, you’re glad you did. A factor would be that this is a film that needs to be seen once but who cares, it was enjoyable anyway.

Stephen King’s latest work Dolan’s Cadillac is not that good and The Mist was quite funny when it was shown in film (I read the book and it was a good read). Only 1408 is one good scary film, IMHO.

Then, I came upon this classic Stephen King tale, Dolores Claiborne. The story is about a woman, Dolores Claiborne (played by Kathy Bates), who is accused of trying to kill her employer because she was caught in the act in killing her. Her daughter (Jennifer Jason Leigh), then, comes back to aide her mother.

The film is shot in non-linear scenes and it was effective enough for the view to go back to the time when we, the viewers, need to see the specific scenes that we can incorporate in the present. The flashbacks may not be so useful at the start of the film but it introduce us to why Dolores Claiborne is living like that and her relationship with her daughter.

It was bracing in some sort since we’ve seen a one too many type of stories already but once you watch this one you’ll get hooked on it. You keep on guessing what the plot twist is. And you can’t help asking yourself, if this is a Stephen King film, where’s the frightening, in a superficial sort of, scenes.

The first Bates-King starrer I watched when I was a kid was Misery. I never thought that we have a different Bates in this film and I am glad that she was different in this film. I mean, she was really scary in Misery.


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