Planet Of The Apes.1968.Franklin Schaffner


An entirely original concept of its time, based on the novel by Pierre Boulle and having him find the film’s ending unacceptable, this one is truly interesting to the viewing public especially to all the sci-fi geeks out there.

Imagine this, a world run by apes and humans as the inferior race. With the highest intellect, they have doctors, police, militaries, and lawyers. Astronauts who lived 2006 years ago landed in this world controlled by primates. And we see then the reaction of the monkey race when they find some living being capable of being a threat to their race.

With something shot forty years ago, and a sci-fi flick even, I was expecting this one to have the slow feel, tedious even. But it wasn’t the case and a factor of which is that I didn’t catch the 2001 remade, Mark Wahlberg starrer. This one was really a treat for the film lover in me.

I guess if you could use the apes and the humans as metaphors and you combine the word threat in the middle then you can use this film in every aspects of what we have in the world today. With discrimination, racial profiling, and such existing you may want to look back and learn that forty years ago this idea was already presented but not that explicit.

And despite Boulle not liking the film’s ending, Schaffner, the director, was able to bring us an effective ending. I think putting it in a more ‘realistic’ touch gave the film a better chance to connect to the audience, in my opinion.


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