Some Kind Of Wonderful.1987.Howard Deutch


With something you thought you haven’t watched yet and with something you know you’re familiar with it and eventually when you watch it you’d say to yourself, I knew I saw this when I was still young, is still a pleasant thing to say especially if you find out that what you’ve seen is a film worth watching.

John Hughes is a genius. With films such as The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink, you wouldn’t wonder that a film like this could still make it a hit despite the boyish persona of the female “lead”. I think there is certain spunk with Hughes style of putting the female specie in the lead, but not so obvious, role. Except maybe for Pretty In Pink where you’ll see Molly Ringwald’s character running on a lead role.

It was also a nice touch for adding the supporting roles with the likes of the guy at the detention or even the supposedly dream girl of the guy protagonist.

I just find it quite refreshing despite the concept being used over and over through the years, which the girl falls for the guy and the guy is just dumb enough to even sense the feeling from the girl. It was just right for the portrayal of a guy being insensitive and we all know that this still is happening even today.

The music is also a factor for the film’s success. The March Violets playing Turn To The Sky quickens the pace of the film or even the upbeat Miss Amanda Jones.

Some were saying that the film was unrealistic. That given a chance that we turn the tables for the lead roles it would still be unrealistic. But given the formula and the generation, we still want to watch something that is light and something that would feel us good.

I mean it wouldn’t harm us if we get a happily ever after ending, don’t we?



  1. I believe that this is John Hughes’ original plot for Pretty in Pink, right? And since he wasn’t able to end it the way he did, this is supposedly his correction of the Pretty In Pink pairing 😛

  2. Wow. I think I didn’t know that one. I guess old-timers know more of John Hughes.


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