Tulad Ng Dati.2006.Mike Sandejas


Mike Sandejas’ directorial debut is memorable that all local music lovers, especially the seasoned ones, would appreciate a film like Tulad Ng Dati. Looking back, no other local rock band was able to produce such an award winning independent film.

I guess a big factor here is banking on the storyline of what had happened to their founding member, Teddy Diaz. He was killed way back in 1988 and it felt like this was a release film or a letting go film for the rest of the band. Even if the initial plot for Jett Pangan’s brain predicament is inane, the rest of the film was able to shadow it and eventually giving us a wonderful performance of Pangan. I mean with a seasoned actor like Pangan, he would really show his acting skills in this film.

The film also provides a trip to memory lane for the viewers and it seemed that this was a documentary even. With the rest of the minor storylines uninteresting, it paved way for the main focus of the film and it proved effective that the needed performance shone on-screen.

Again, this was a visual treat for the local rock music scene. And with the likes of the whole The Dawn band, Karl Roy, Imago, and Raims Marasigan, even if most of them have provided cameo appearances, in the scene where they appeared were surely a stamp to the run of the film. Who would ever forget the short scene with the Eraserhead’s former members Buddy Zabala and Raims? Priceless.

To top it all off, adding veterans Agot Isidro and Mylene Dizon in the film, is a pleasant move of the director that you know they were effective even if the focus of the film were with the band, The Dawn.


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