The Matrix.1999.Wachowski Brothers


Geeks around the world shouted with glee when this film came out. Aside from being Bill Gates being cool, it gave the idea of hackers being hip. This film also changed the outlook of our CGI-driven films today.

When I wanted to watch a film filled with bullets, there are two films that I usually go back and enjoy Desperado and this movie. I would say that this is a great masterpiece given to us by the Wachowski brothers.

Sci-fi lovers were also happy that a film like this was loved by everyone. Despite an overflowing array of philosophical conversation, it was too hard to understand. Probably, there are times that you might be left dumbfounded with what the Oracle is talking about but in the end you’ll be able to understand it.

This also created a lot of new generation visual technology for films. Look at the movies Wanted and Shoot ‘em Up, for sure the directors of these films was able to grab a few pointers or two from this film. From the slow-motion with matching impossible scenes, the one where Neo is pulling the helicopter or just jumping really high, and the introduction of bullet time, the one where a certain scene moves in a 360 degree angle, is simply marvelous.

It also paved way for the careers of Lawrence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity). And with that Keanu Reeves further enhanced his action roles without even looking any macho with the likes of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. It felt like this was an action film filled with style and class, you can just look at the trench coat that Keanu uses in the Matrix.

And with a film who’s basis is the idea of artificial intelligence, you’d really be impressed that the idea of the film feels so real even if the technology in the film formally existed this century.



  1. I’m not buying Keanu as an actor pero I really, really liked him here. He was just so cool in this movie. He was kick-ass, too. Pero the trench coat can only work with a proper shades.

    Noong ipalabas ito, I remember people being so astonished. Parang it came out of nowhere. Good times.

  2. lol. ok din naman siya sa bill and ted’s! hehehe.

    yup. those were the gold ‘ol days =)

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