2012.2009.Roland Emmerich


I know you might ask the question on why I had to add this film in this site. Amidst the possible speculation that this film is not really worth watching, I may say that you might want to reconsider that idea.

It was quite amusing the as early as last year, I was able to receive ideas and mails about the end of the world on 2012. That they are basing thought on the Mayan calendar. It was funny though since a few months ago, I was able to catch an interview with a Mayan that the end of the world idea on 2012 is entirely not true.

Banking on the idea of the end of the world and some previous disaster films I think this one is quite amusing to watch, even if you see it only once. I may say that this film is quite enjoyable as a whole. It felt that I was riding a coaster in an amusement park, to all Pinoys out there you do know what a Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom is?

Roland Emmerich, the same director who gave us The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, was able to give us a CGI-worthy film once again. The scenes were fast-paced and exciting despite some far-fetched ideas, like the 7.9 intensity earthquakes that left our precious Baguio still standing way back in the early nineties, other than that the rest of the scenes seemed believable.

Kudos to the kick-ass Woody Harrelson, I guess this is his year. Remember Zombieland? We are expecting more of those films Mr. Harrelson.

With this kind of film, you don’t need to worry the end of the world, as we all know we don’t know when it will happen but just looking at the film, this is one sure kick-ass ride that the family will surely enjoy.



  1. despite the negative feedback I’ve been hearing, I actually enjoyed watching this movie! 😀 I was on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire time! I just wish that if the world came to an end, I would have died na by that time hahaha 😀 Selfish as it may sounds, it’s very scary naman kasi talaga to watch the world end di ba? hahaha 😀

  2. the movie is really enjoyable! i watched this one with my mom and kahit na *ehem* bootleg siya, maganda pa din yung film.

    and yes, ang scary nga nung depiction ng end of the world dun sa film. hehe.

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