Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.1994.Tom Shadyac


Most people would’ve found this film stupid. With the Pythons in the seventies and some impressive SNL graduates in the eighties why are we going back to visual comedy? I mean, why we are picking that white dude from the television series, In Living Color.

I find Jim Carrey effective in this film that I worshipped him, way back in the nineties. He has that certain quality for being a newbie in films, capable of producing different facial expressions in a rubbery way, and still deliver effective cult-ish quotable lines.

I guess I enjoyed the film Army of Darkness that I thought Bruce Campbell was creating more films and I was happy I found Jim Carrey. People might say that The Mask was his big break but for me this film sealed him as one of the funniest comedians of my time.

Despite the film showing small portions of sexually related activity, you still won’t forget his tenor cry during one of those investigation scenes or him beating up a football mascot or even the Trekkie scene at the start of the film.

And what made this film, and Carrey’s character, memorable is the unique use of certain lines in the film such as “Looo-hooo-zuh-her!”, “Alriggghhhty-then!”, and even the use of his ass-cheeks replacing the human lips.

Even if this film was considered in the Razzie awards during its time, it doesn’t matter. I guess it has something to do for a film looking fresh despite this one shown twenty five years ago.


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