Gangs Of New York.2002.Martin Scorsese


I saw this film early this year and this one is of the most wonderful epics Martin Scorsese has ever made. With the luscious set design and an all-stellar cast, this film is really worth watching. Forget if this one lost every nomination in the Academy Awards, you don’t need the Oscars if you know that a film is a winner already.

Set in the mid-nineteenth century, the story dates back to the time when The Five Points district is governed by “gangs” hence the title. With a high crime-rate during its prime, Scorsese tried to rebuild the story of the gangs up until the New York Draft Riots for the American Civil War.

I can just guess that the 2002 Oscar Awards were tough for the voters. Alongside with this film, there’s The Two Towers, The Pianist, The Hours on the side. So, it didn’t matter if Chicago won the Best Picture. I may still say that this was a winning years for the Oscars.

Sometimes, you just have to watch a violent film as this. The brutality of the gangs is the main nature of the film and that’s what makes the film truly enjoyable. You know that that is the purpose and you wouldn’t be disgusted with the senseless violence, for obvious reasons. Politeness and humanity doesn’t grow overnight.

I can truly say that Scorsese is the master in this category. After Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and Casino, who would’ve thought that he can still make a magnificent epic such as this.


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