Saw.2004.James Wan


I guess the films in this decade that provides sick, extreme and graphic violence makes a film a possible blockbuster. Think of it this way, with a film that was initially shown at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and with an estimated budget of just 1.2 million dollars, who would have thought that this one took home gross revenue of 103 million dollars.

Let us put it this way, it was a first time for a film to feature sadistic ideas with a small hint of noir and a small pint of survival-ism crossing out any moral objectives. There must be a time when you’re at the middle of the film where even the viewer decides on what the character of the film has to do; and might admit that self-preservation is important after all.

You can still follow the story despite the film being simple and complex and with a lot of non-stop flashbacks inserted in the film. I guess doing it visually proved that it was way better than just informing the audience using a voice-over.

Of course, you have to add the shock value of the film. Who would have thought that they could produce such an anti-hero and in the end you wouldn’t know who you are going to root for. Much like the traps used in the film. It was actually a lost-lost situation for every one, even the viewers.

Amidst a lot of Saw sequels made and its spaghetti storylines, you still have to accept that a film like Saw created a new genre of sadistic and horrifying genre.


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