Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.2009.Sam Liu


I’m not a DC fan. I’ve always been a Marvel fan most of my life. It must be because of the hard-to-follow characters that the DC universe is providing that you’ll always end up in dizzy proportions every time they show they’re multi-dimensional list of characters. But with the latest DC outings with the likes of Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: New Frontier, Batman: Gotham Knight, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern: First Flight you might just want to stop and take a look at some new stories from the same old characters.

An adaptation from the comic-book of the same name, the plot gives us Lex Luthor being the president of America and the country is back in its peaceful and boring life. Superman and Batman were considered the country’s enemy with some smart idea, by the president himself.

Then the story goes to a more interesting detail, most of the heroes work for the government and Superman was given a bounty of one billion dollars. Ergo, every hero is their “enemy”.

I always have a problem with comic film adaptations once when the storyline gets too wordy, I usually forget the film but this one is quite different. The storyline is easy to follow, the art is good, and you get to know a few heroes from the DC universe, if you’re not a DC or a comic fan.

So, if you are a comic book fan, whether it is Marvel, DC or other publishing houses, you have to watch this film. It is worth the 67 minutes of your time.


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