Trick ‘r Treat.2008.Michael Dougherty


Despite being December already, here’s an interesting film that we, Filipinos, missed last month. If you’re familiar with the old-school eighties flicks with the likes of Creepshow and Tales From The Darkside then you might want to get your hands on a copy of Trick ‘r Treat.

I already knew about this film from quite some time already but I couldn’t get a working torrent and eventually an FB friend made a shout out of “Trick ‘r Treat is great!” And was it? Yes, it is a great film. It brings nostalgia back and at the same time provided the same genre with a whole new set of twists and turns. It was bringing the visual comic back to this decade.

It may act surreal when the film starts. If you didn’t know the background of the film then you might expect something as realistic as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something as creepy as any of the Stephen King films. Actually, it is an enjoyable fast-paced set of stories all rolled into one.

The storytelling might be confusing at first. If you’re planning to watch it and doesn’t want to look foolish up until the end of the film, then the premise of the film is plainly simple, always follow the rules of Halloween. I won’t be spoiling the rules, it would be better if you try to figure it out on your own or with your friends who watches this one with you. Again, this is an enjoyable film that doesn’t look eighties like, probably with the music and the feel that were used in the film.

It was inventive for the crew to create a film as enjoyable as this. They’ve proven that a Halloween movie is not passé as they can still create newer and probably good storylines albeit with our times and Hollywood who is constantly yearning for remakes and CGI-laden films.

The horror lovers and the scare-dy cats will surely enjoy this popcorn-film. Be sure to open your eyes and look for the diminutive character in the film and be sure to follow its rules.


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