Inglourious Basterds.2009.Quentin Tarantino


It seems that Quentin did it again. A lot of people were probably complaining with one of his last films, Grindhouse. Well, it wasn’t really meant for the public. I mean it paid homage to the exploitation films in the seventies and the eighties. That’s why he went here, wore a barong, rode a public utility vehicle, and went to the film festival. It is as simple as that.

Now, we have a film here that is literally years in the making. Who would’ve thought that doing a spaghetti western in a World War 2 setting would still be effective in this decade? It was a given that he also paid homage to the Dirty Dozen films decades ago but while watching the film it also felt that the story had a likeness with one of the novels of our National Hero. Remember the bombing chapter with Basilio?

It was also a convenient film, a war movie with amusing narrations is such a breather that we all know that Mr. Tarantino only can pull off something like this. The different dialects used weren’t really a nuisance and instead gave the realism for this fun film.

The all-star cast also gave us convincing performances, from Brad Pitt’s southern accent to a very dim Brit Mike Myers. The characters in the film looked cartoon-ish but with the violence provided to us by Quentin, and even the scalping scene, established that even if the film has comical parts it also says that there is certain seriousness too. Even the plot of the film might look silly, basing it on the Nazi area, and we all know what history dictates making the film looking realistically fictional.

I have a great respect for Quentin Tarantino. I loved Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs and even enjoyed the season ender of C.S.I. We can’t blame him if he ended up doing something blockbuster-ry like the Kill Bill series. It was full of revenge, blood and violence and I loved him for that too but of course, we were missing something that only his earlier films provided to us.

And Quentin doing the Inglourious Basterds is such a delight. I think we’ve been bombarded by depressing World War 2 films that there is still a bright side after all. Who would’ve thought that the Dirty Dozen can still be remade to this generation?



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  2. Wow. Thanks! =)

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