Ringu.1998.Hideo Nakata


The Ring or Ringu redefined the horror genre. It proved that the Asian film industry could produce a film as awesome as their western counterparts. The theme, feel, and style are different. Watching the horror genre only has one aim and that is to prove that that film is scary enough for the viewer.

I guess we’re actually tired of the usual monsters and vampires and werewolves that we are actually immune to that type of horror films. Aside from the thrilling Blair Witch Project, Japan was able to produce a new kind of terrifying character that after this film gained its worldwide success it spawned its own Western remake and even gave us other Japanese horror films with the likes of Dark Water, Ju-on: The Grudge, and One Missed Call.

The plot proved new; it informed to us that even if The Matrix showed us that it is a highway to two worlds then The Ring demonstrated that evil creatures can use modern technology for their own benefit.

You might find the title silly if you found out that the plot entails to the ringing of a telephone. You might even say that at least The Omen or The Exorcist’s titles are scary already. Well, with the direction of Hideo Nakata, they’ve proven that the title is innocent and you really do have to watch the film because the film is good.

We were also provided by the western culture on horror films regarding scenes that are scary. They ready us through the use of music, as the audience automatically knows that the next scene is frightening. And unlike this film it was more subtle, let’s say you can use the term “you didn’t see that one coming” with gusto.

The uses of illogical scenes were also used like the scene where they were setting the videos in slow motion or even the scene inside the film regarding the mirror and the lady. It was amusing and smart at the same time and the Japanese have probably perfected this style of filming already so I’m not surprised in that sense.

Lastly, the most important part of this film is the use of the actresses’ incoherence and weirdness. It was well effective that it defined the climax of the film. So, are you ready to watch a video that might kill you in seven days? Go ahead. Try it.


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