Fa Yeung Nin Wa.2000.Wong Kar-Wai


A friend once told me that you have to watch Wong Kar-Wai’s films thrice. The first one is an introduction of the film. The second time you watch the film is to understand it. And the third viewing is the appreciation of the film. Fa Yeung Nin Wa or In The Mood For Love is included in that sense and I think I have to watch this again twice to grasp what this film really means.

The story is actually partially unrealistic for most people. I guess the married people can fully relate to this film. It is the tale of a woman and man who are both married to their respective partners and who end up falling for each other. While watching the film, you’ll probably have the feeling that you’re one of their snooping neighbors, enjoying their every step whether it is good or bad.

Kar-Wai did it again by giving us the visual treat that he had shown to us even with films such as Happy Together and Chungking Express. The Asian feel is obviously in there, you’d feel scenes wherein you know that there is sadness, tension, or pure love with the two main protagonists.

Coming from an Asian country, you won’t be really surprised with neighbors playing mah-jong for twenty four hours or the closely knit connection of the neighbor to another neighbor. It was simple but effective.

One of the other reasons why you have to watch this, there is a Philippine reference. They don’t show it but certainly it is part of the dialogue. You’ll be able to see it. I think it was mentioned once or twice in the film.

And as an art film, it pains to see how love is always portrayed in this film. Being a part of an informal trilogy, with Days of Being Wild and 2046, you know you’ll be affected with how Kar-Wai ends it. I guess the man reveals it all at the end.


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