Ang Tanging Ina.2003.Wenn Deramas


Is it purely coincidental that there were two “dozen-children” films shown on 2003? Aside from Cheaper By The Dozen actually shown in our country on March of 2004, there was a way better film like this shown in our country on May of 2003; well, actually it was better in a sense for our taste, for us Filipinos.

For the simple reason that the film is filled with scenes taken from old and fairly old Filipino movies and our society in general; the film was actually putting the fun in a big family setting. We’re actually used to Filipino families especially with the generation before us. It was actually the in thing before. So, with the new generation, placing an old idea in a new setting is quite ingenious from film director, Wenn Deramas.

I have always had a certain respect for Ai-ai as a comedian. I think she was able to put herself to that spot where if you know she is being cast in a film, somehow you’ll still smile or even laugh in any of her scenes. And this film, she didn’t really have to put in too much effort, it felt that it was easy for her to act as a mom with a disastrous albeit clichéd Filipino plot of a matriarchal family. Then, you include a number of known talents with Alwyn Uytingco as the memorable gay son as the children and you get a very zany family.

From the names of the children starting with Juan (one), Tudi (two), Tri (three) to Ten-ten (Ten) to the different rackets or occupations that Ai-ai took was quite a ride for the whole movie. It didn’t come out cheap and it didn’t really look that corny or used. It was a good clean fun comedy that the whole family would appreciate. This was one of the films where Eugene Domingo was trying to be big in the local Philippine industry; she was also funny then and with her and Kimmy Dora today, then we are really expecting more from this comedienne in the future.

After all the fun, craziness, and enjoyment of the film we also have to open the real spirit of the film. The film is really about the mother, our mothers, hence the title of the film. It might not look that way but if you look deeper, even the funny things that our moms do, they usually do it for us. And this is one of the best Mother’s Day films made in Philippine cinema.


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