Persona.1966.Ingmar Bergman


Ingmar Bergman is truly a great director of the arts. Even if I was able to catch The Seventh Seal, which I have to watch again to fully understand it, and Smiles Of A Summer Night, which is a simple story set in a small town, I’m happy that I was finally able to watch Persona the other night, it was different but good. It looked simple but it was unique especially during the century it was shown.

I still have to catch a few other titles that Bergman has directed with the likes of Wild Strawberries, Through A Glass Darkly, Fanny And Alexander and The Virgin Spring. I was afraid at first because watching Persona might mean another failure for me in terms of watching a film created by someone as great as Bergman. I was truly amused and surprised that I was able to follow and understood the film, sort of.

The film gives us two different people, Elisabeth Vogler, played by Liv Ullmann, who is an actress who just stopped talking by choice, and Sister Alma, played by Bibi Anderson, who takes care of the actress as she is a the nurse. For a film giving us the introduction that there is an actress who has an “illness”, we are expected with a scene where the nurse is taking care of the “sick” actress, I guess Bergman informs us that not everything is to be expected and try to look deeper into the film to find the real meaning of it.

The film takes a toll on the two protagonists in the film. With the film’s title, it is as if we’re just looking at a person’s soul-searching, fighting for her inner demons. Think Fight Club without the twist. The scene with Sister Alma trying to figure out Elisabeth’s dilemma is so impressive that it gave us more ideas and questions to think about.

The initial and ending montage is quite interesting too. That was rather new during that time and even today. Who would’ve thought that something as personal as Persona would show a boy reading a book and touching a mural of a woman’s face? I guess it was just safe to say that what you’re going to watch might get your bored so I’m adding these montages to keep you awake.

Persona is a must watch if you’re trying to be a Bergman fan or lover. Don’t expect too much to fully appreciate the film’s beauty. As all of us has his or her own persona’s to keep as a secret.


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