Army Of Darkness.1992.Sam Raimi


I watched this film again the other night and all I can say is that the Raimi feel is still there. It didn’t feel hard for me to watch it all over again as I have a habit or an aim to watch a new film most of the time since there are a lot of queued movies at home. I guess I just wanted to relax my brain and eyes for a change. And yes, it worked.

If I remember it correctly, I first watched this film on one of the local channels back when I was still young though I don’t remember if this was shown in any of our local cinemas, probably with the big number of Filipino films shown before who would want to watch a movie not as big as this?

The story is the third part of the Evil Dead trilogy. It stars Ash; played by Bruce Campbell, who was transported back in the 1300 AD by an evil book called the Necronomicon, the film will give you a prologue so you didn’t really miss anything even if you weren’t able to catch Evil Dead II. All he wants actually is to go back to his own time so he had to go to an adventure to get the Necronomicon.

Army of Darkness is impressive for the reason that Sam Raimi was able to mix horror, comedy, and the medieval times effectively. It was fairly new at that time and it was probably a gamble for the director to produce such a film. The first two Evil Dead films consist of a small group of people haunted by a being and that’s it. It was different this time. Hordes of medieval men and hordes of “animated” dark beings are present. Even the time when he starts his adventure, the use of Lewis Carroll’s mirror inside the small windmill in a twisted way, and this was the time years before The Matrix or even the Harry Potter series re-introduced it again, was really remarkable and new.

This is also one of the films with alternate endings and honestly, I have just seen two of them. All I can say is that the one with the beard scene and the one with the mall endings are impressive already, and yes, I still want to watch the other two. And that is just an additional trivia that I can happily share.

If you’re scared of horror and you want to laugh ala Zombieland or even Drag Me To Hell, then this one is a good film you may want to try. Remember the first Spider-man film, the one with the wrestling scene and remember the guy who is the ring announcer? Then, you might see him in this film wielding a chainsaw.


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