Matilda.1996.Danny DeVito


When I was a kid I was totally unaware of this Roald Dahl guy. I know that there is an existing film entitled Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I know that it was famous due to the person who played Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder, and it spawned a few familiar tunes with the likes of The Candy Man Can and Pure Imagination. It was a delightfully and colorful film that up until now, I watch it once in a while. Then, Matilda came out in the nineties. I’ve never met Dahl before; I was just bombarded by the mythological creatures and a lot of Nancy Drew novels. And I was actually glad that I was still able to discover Roald Dahl at this age, it was fun when I grabbed a copy of Matilda and actually watched it again.

Danny Devito, the director, had his real prime in the nineties. Surprisingly, I just found out that he directed this film. I mean he was the father of Matilda in the movie and I was so used to him being a doctor in Junior or as the Penguin in Batman Returns. I suppose he is already good in this craft as he was able to direct The War of the Roses a few years before.

The film was beautifully directed by showing Matilda as a cute and kind kid. Even with Matilda acquiring powers, she didn’t look scary in any way. I guess using a pleasing Mara Wilson for the lead role proved that she was able to portray Matilda in an effective way. And you’ll be able to find Matilda really endearing and adoring in the film even if she did her revenge, it was actually charming, imho.

Even if there were some changes from Roald Dahl’s book, the screenplay for Matilda was effective enough for the film. The supposed “action” sequences that should’ve required adult supervision weren’t that really needed. I guess a film that focused on Matilda and her powers proved that this film is really best for family viewing.

I’m pretty sure even Roald Dahl would be probably impressed with the film’s output even if some of the scenes were changed. It is not your typical children’s film, I’m sure of it and even if you’re old enough to watch Schindler’s List, you can always go back and try this film. Its magic will adore you.


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  1. Awesome post mate.

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