Antichrist.2009.Lars Von Trier


With the given film title, Antichrist doesn’t wholly deal with various films that show the devil himself. It was more of a depiction of the devil within. It may or may not be possible that a location fully affected their situation but for sure a part of the devil could’ve taken their brains and souls and eventually giving us something as horrifying as this.

I have never been a full Von Trier fan. I know I liked Idioterne and Dancer In The Dark. It wasn’t keen for me to watch Breaking The Waves or Dogville, it may be with the script or how it was made but for sure I am currently stuck in the middle if ever I’m going to fully like Antichrist or I may say that this film, after all these years, affected a part of me.

I am fully sure that this film is not for the light-hearted. Aside from the fact that a lot of the scenes are fake in reality, the idea of the flow of the film gave me something that could’ve shrilled my nerves. It was different this time, I tried hard to ready myself and it seemed I failed the test. I know I was successful with the stone-hearted scenes in Funny Games, the crazy meat film Cannibal Holocaust or even the eye cutting Un Chien Andalou. I very well know that I passed those films with flying colors. This was one of the few moments when I really had to press pause and had to take a nap before finishing the film. At first I didn’t want to accept that that was the cause of what happened to me, I realized it after I woke up.

This film was branded as a horror. Well, I may agree on that one. It mainly tackles the horror of one’s mind. Amidst a lot of visual coital stimulation scenes, it all boils down to the main topic of the story, how the couple could still continue after the lost of their beloved child. This film placed the idea of grieving to a whole new level that Von Trier didn’t back down, he was able to show something new, it might look mindless but it affects the horrors of this story. The genre can also be thrilling but it leads more on the horror.

After watching this film, I know why the jurors from the last Cannes Film Fest gave this one an “anti-award” award and given the journals made by Roger Ebert during the festival, you might want to think first before catching this film as I know this one wouldn’t be shown in our country. Hell, I’m sure with that one.


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