Extract.2009.Mike Judge


I should’ve seen Office Space or even Idiocracy before I’ve seen this film. I know I have been a fan of this director for the longest time as I am utterly enamored by Beavis and Butthead. For that, at least I have a basis and I have something to expect when I watched this film. Nonetheless, I’m still happy I was able to watch this one. It was entertaining IMHO.

The story of the film contains the lives of the people working under an Extract plant. It stars Jason Bateman as Joel Reynolds who is the owner of that Extract plant. It shows that he is a successful entrepreneur but he has some problems with his wife. Along with that, there has been a low morale with the employees of Joel’s company.

Now, think about this. We have Mike Judge here who gave us a lot of stupid ideas and sense provided by his animated show. Then, you try to put a few of it in a “real life” situation and that’s it. You have a film, Mike Judge style.

What I like about this film is that even the minor players were given importance: the rocker who tried to act intelligent, the old lady workers who doesn’t really listen, the pestering neighbor, who again, doesn’t listen, and even the gigolo who had a romance with someone close with Joel.

And you think it all ends there. We also have Ben Affleck in this film that I didn’t really notice up until the end of the film as the bartender who is Joel’s friend, Mila Kunis who seemed important but not really in the story, and Kristen Wiig who is the wife of Joel, she wasn’t really hideously funny in the film but her portrayal of the character is effective anyway.

The film’s build-up, I must say, is the highlight of this film. Amidst the film’s predictable run, you might end up on a wall if ever you still expected the turn of events at the end part of the movie. I’m glad that the subtlety of the film proved hilarious come the end of the film. It didn’t feel roller-coaster-y but it was actually good.


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