Trzy kolory: Bialy.1994.Krzysztof Kieslowski


I was in a delight when I was able to catch Three Colors: White or Trois Couleurs: Blanc. It was really something new, who would’ve thought that an ordinary man, whose main occupation is to fix hairs, can achieve what he wants by playing the game without breaking any rules.

TC:W, a second film of the Three Colors trilogy, is actually an intelligent film that demonstrate the equality in a political manner in France. I won’t give the opinionated definition of this film thus I would just give you the outer beauty and context of how the film was played out. Sometimes you have to play it simply and watch it again to verify the real meaning of the film later.

This film was branded as anti-comedy mainly due to the supposed laughable parts, think of this one that looks like a black comedy but that isn’t. With a man losing everything in France, and being Polish, he had to go back to his mainland to live as he is being followed by the French policia due to a few things and also, his ex-wife left him with almost nothing, a possible reason is that he wasn’t able to consummate his marriage.

Krzysztof Kieslowski was able to create a “fun” film without looking very mean at the same time you’d take pity on what is happening to our main protagonist. It was also impressive of the small non-linear scenes that gives us absurdity at first and eventually gives us its point once the punch line of the scene gets there.

Also, this film features a lot of scenes that produces the color white, same theme with its predecessor, showing a lot of blue, and its successor, showing us a lot of red. I think it is quite obvious even with the matrimony scene.

This being an anti-comedy, the push of the film almost leads us to someone who’s just trying to move on with his life. With the initial scenes given when he was back in Poland, you thought you’ve seen it all. Cliché as it must, this film will only give you the term ‘expect the unexpected’ and ultimately giving us the film for being anti-romantic and eventually, giving a look of our protagonist that might look him for being an anti-hero.


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