Donnie Darko.2001.Richard Kelly


One of the most awesome weird but highly cult-able films in this decade is Donnie Darko. I can only say that this film is addicting in a level where you’re really tripped out or if you just want to watch and stare Maggie Gyllenhaal during her younger years. Oh, I forgot to mention, this gem of a film also features Drew Barrymore on the side as I find her character in the movie, an effective catalyst.

This is one of those high school films where the school entrance is highly unforgettable. With a film full of eighties music, it starts off with one of Tears For Fears’ hits and then the students are sort of introduced without any vocal introduction. Insert at the side is a group of young performers dancing to the tune of the said song.

The funny thing about this is Roger Ebert first reviewed this film badly. I guess its cult status pave way for a second viewing. As they always say, you really can’t judge a film by its initial viewing. The first time you watch it, you try to enjoy it and then you think the second time or the third time you view it.

I can always say that this is Jake Gyllenhaal’s lucky break. The John Cusack type of actor without being wordy and with Jake’s two-faced look provided the needed acting for the film. It may just be me, but the film fits perfectly for Jake.

The script provided something new; it was actually absurd with how it was presented. It felt like just a non-existent adventure. It felt like sci-fi. But it felt that it wasn’t really as cool as sci-fi, if you get what I mean. It was probably the setting of how the idea of time travel was given. You we’re given with rules and people that define the rules, no one needed to follow it. It was all given and you the viewer has just to follow it up until the end. As I’ve said, it was weird enough with the way it was presented; the time travel part was just an added bonus; or vice-versa if you’re trying to get geeky with me.

Aside from the Patrick Swayze character, the real character behind this film is a man in a weird bunny suit. Probably, that character turned Ebert off, but who cares. He was important in the film and I believe that if you change the character, to let’s say Big Bird of Sesame Street, the film would end up as mediocre.



  1. Oh now I need to see this movie, I’ve looking for years for this copy since I have big crush with Jake.. thanks for this review now I have a lot of other reasons to watch it and might visit this blog again for my comments : )

  2. i’ll try to make you a copy. hopefully the disc that i have would allow me to copy it. donnie darko is love. =)

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