Funny Games.1997.Michael Haneke


I believe that a film can be good even without spending loads full of money. Look at Paranormal Activity, they spent 15 thousand for the project and now, look at the revenue it is generating. For PA, it felt like it was a gold mine and for obvious reasons, people were really clamoring for it in the Internet before it went mainstream. Now, we have Funny Games, a 5 million-production film. It felt that it was just meant for a select audience when I last saw this film. And imho, they shouldn’t have remade this one a decade after, as the original really made an impact twelve years ago.

I guess for a person who loves violence, Funny Games is a film that can be found in a special place in my heart. This film is not a par in terms of gruesome violence, like let us say Antichrist, but it leads to the most important part of one’s being which the mind is. All I could say is that this film is a real psychological roller coaster not really for the faint of heart or even a faint of brain.

Think about what No Country For Old Men gave us, no music before the kill. It was as if it was just ordinary or common for Javier Bardem to kill people in that movie. No emotions. That’s it. And now, put FG into this kind of movie that includes torture without emotions. What would you get? It was also impressive for Michael Haneke, the director, to put the direction of the film without showing any remnants of human meat; and that is just plain awesome for a film that is already creating horror without adding the Hollywood formula.

To add, the film also felt a little bit of animation for the part of the leader of the killers. He broke the fourth wall and he even asked the audience to bet for a certain scene. It was as if he knows that he is inside a film but the film looked so real that you may always say that it is possible in real life, so aside from the cartoon-ish scenes with the lead killer, you can’t help and say to yourself that the film looks real ergo it is real.

To describe the film in one whole idea, think of your usual Looney Tunes film starring Bugs Bunny. You get the uplifting starting music with birds singing and flowers growing then Bugs have an almost lengthy discussion either with Elmer Fudd or Daffy Duck. Then, mayhem concludes the episode.


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