Strictly Ballroom.1992.Baz Luhrmann


To all those people who’ve seen Moulin Rouge and liked it, raise your right hand. Now, to those people who want to watch a happy ending for Moulin Rouge, raise your left hand. Then, if you see yourself raising your two hands then you might want to try out this overtly exaggerated but fun film.

The moment I heard Sunscreen years ago, I instantly loved it. It was a modern Desideratum. Then, Moulin Rouge came out and I was surprised that a film like that was made by someone who composed a narrative song. Now, I traced back his roots of directing and ended up with Strictly Ballroom. I found his niche and it was magnificent.

All I could say is stop reading if you’re not the kind of person who watches films that are excessively driven and are full of dancing bodies. Remember a few years ago when Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere came out with a light ballroom remake of a Japanese original, Shall We Dance? It was mesmerizing. Albeit the funnies that Blades of Glory provided, you may want to watch Strictly Ballroom for the sole reason that this film doesn’t show us the stupid side of ballroom. It was actually serious even with the suffocating characters at the start of the film. I thought I was going to run out of the room and try to drink depressants just to appreciate the film but it was not that way. Just like Moulin Rouge, a fast start and the rest of the film is smooth.

Now, aside from all the dancing and jiving and twirling, the story is actually fairy tale-ish and in addition, it uses the most important plot line, the idea of choice.

This is a film worth watching in front of friends who want to watch something old that looks relatively new. There may not be a lot of films like this in our shelves and it deserves the recommendation you want to share to your peers. Fun, lively, and warm, that is what this film provides.


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