The Blind Side.2009.John Lee Hancock


Thank God we have Sandra Bullock back in the limelight. After just a fair output with the film Premonition back in 2007. She bounced back with the amusing and funny The Proposal. Despite a not so blockbuster hit with All About Steve, she bounced back with this film, The Blind Side.

All I can say is that the film has heart. In paper, you might think that the film might look outrageous in a sense; a white family taking care of a big seventeen year old black teenager. With all the dangers in the world today, who would’ve thought that, good Samaritans still exist and there are still good kids in the society of a first world country. I mean you can just watch the cable and you’d know why.

I guess how this film was projected, created a heartwarming story of a football player and a very caring mother. It gave us a very remembering performance by Sandra Bullock.  The mother’s strong personality and Bullock’s acting made the film one of the most memorable, if not the best, films of this year. You can always look at the few nominations Sandra has and one of which is the Golden Globes.

One of the most interesting scenes in this film is the relationship of the youngest child in the family and the black teenager. The acting of the child was impressive in terms of their relationship. It really felt that the youngest child treated the black teenager as his older brother. I guess the whole family did accept the black teenager as theirs. Yes, it was a family full of love, which we are all missing nowadays. It was effective and it didn’t look trying hard in any way.

With the different football films that always rely with drama with the We Are Marshalls or family fun with The Game Plan, we have here a film that mixes both that is fully effective even with a sport that does not exist in our country. But with watching The Blind Side, it gives us another view of the American sport with a big heart.


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