Avatar.2009.James Cameron


Film geeks are all celebrating right now with the release of an awesome 2009 film. With its high promotional cost, Avatar has successfully teased the audience and bounced back on the holidays giving the profit return more than twice of its budget value. That is quite a feat actually since Avatar ran for almost three hours, imho they should thank the 3d people for this and for me, and I still want to watch this again, on IMAX, which I missed, poor me.

2009 is such a funny story for the aliens and morally right theme. I know I raved for District 9 when I was able to catch this one a few months ago. Today, I am raving Avatar not just for its visual content but on how the film was portrayed especially that the story actually lies on the eyes of the main protagonist, Corporal Jake Sully, played by newcomer Sam Worthington.

So, we can all say that it was all worth it. Everything was worth the wait for perfectionist director, James Cameron. He was actually right when he waited for the right technology to use for this film. And I would have to agree with everything Cameron claims; I’m not actually a full fan of this director. I’m actually not a fan of Titanic but, for sure, I was one of those screaming idiots who saw The Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2, and even True Lies.

I’ll start with the only flaw that most Cameron films grant us, the lack of humor. Aside from that small dilemma of mine, the film got it all actually. From its surreal visual approach, the full story of the aliens, the simple and engaging plot, the philosophy of nature, and the mix of different storylines that you’d probably say that you’re watching Ferngully, Aliens, Dances With Wolves, Starship Troopers, Laputa: Castle In The Sky, and a lot of World of Warcraft ideas combined.

Sometimes it is hard to get engaged to a film that starts off with trees. This time it was different, in fact I just saw this one on an ordinary screen and it immediately occurred to me that what if I was watching its 3d version, it would’ve been epic. Then, with the clever use of mostly blue and violet colors, especially the one in the forest and the use of light, you would really be enticed to watch the rest of the film as those were just the initial highlights of the film.

Cameron already informed everyone that this film actually pays homage to all those scifi films he saw when he was a child. I don’t know if I have to agree with him. All I can say for now is for this film not to gain any sequels in the future. Cameron could just stick with “newer concepts” and focus on his other project, Battle Angel.


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