Bandslam.2009.Todd Graff


It was apprehensive for me if I would include a film that starred Vanessa Hudgens, it could’ve been a factor. But it had haunted me for days already. If you want to put it down in writing, do it. So, yeah, here’s Bandslam folks!

Amidst a very dry initial tone, I may say that I enjoyed Bandslam in a way that I can’t really explain. It was not at par with Jack Black’s The School Of Rock and it was not as bad as Camp Rock. Maybe, or probably, the way rock is used nowadays. Gone are the days where there is a certain distinction that films like Detroit Rock City, This Is Spinal Tap, and probably Wayne’s World can all go into one shelf and you can say that they belong in the same genre. And also, I still believe that Camp Rock killed the word rock.

I was actually delighted with how the film was brought. There was no Disney theme but at the same time there weren’t any American Pie themed all throughout. I may say that Todd Graff, the director, was able to put the joy back to the children-themed movie. It may not be a feat but I am just glad that I didn’t see any breath of breasts or a Jonas Brothers film that gives us no storyline.

With a tinge of drama and despite an exaggerated amount of musicians in the band, where there was a small buildup of the minor player’s storyline, the film is actually enjoyable and good. The music is also good; I was not expecting their remake of an old classic be that impressive.

Cheesiness can also be spelled for this film. I mean people were probably reluctant to watch this; it was so obvious with the negative profit they made, as it was really a gamble for them to get Vanessa Hudgens to star in this film. Too bad for those who haven’t seen this, Vanessa is different this time. Trust me when I say her character is different this time.

I guess I was just not as impressed with the character that played Will Burton but apart from that the film itself is a gem and I presume that I would still watch more of this film in the future. Also, when I say trust me with this one, you have to trust me with this one.


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