Kimmy Dora.2009.Joyce Bernal


The moment Eugene Domingo demonstrated her comedic abilities on television; I instantly knew that this woman is capable of top billing a film without any sidekicks, as most Filipino funny films would always show a sidekick. We have a habit of doling out duo comedic films, probably with the easy use of comedic timing that makes the life of the scriptwriter much easier. Though how can I explain it regarding this film? Should I consider this one on the duo or the non-duo theme?

Spring films is a film outfit that includes Joyce Bernal and Piolo Pascual as its members. I am quite happy that they are finally tearing out the barrier. We are quite tired with the way the big television companies are monopolizing their talents on their own. And we are actually ecstatic that Piolo Pascual actually produces a film that stars Dingdong Dantes and Eugene Domingo. That is quite a feat actually.

With this film being a gamble based on its script, I think I’ve encountered a number of people not yet ready with the sensitive issue of seriously but funny use of the handicapped. We’ve been actually used to a lot of films that define the stupid and without even watching the film we all know that these films are just for the simpleton.

What can I say? Eugene Domingo is terrific in this film. People would clamor more of her in the future. With the way she was able to successfully deliver her lines in the film, it was way effective for her to star with her, in another persona of course. It was actually refreshing to watch a new Filipino funny film for this year and I am just glad that I was able to catch this one albeit just recently.

The Abs-cbn people are actually veterans for the use of cameos in their films, check out the film Jologs. I brought this up because one of the most memorable scenes in this film is the cameo role for Regine Velasquez. She blurted out, “Dora, there is no prekprek there” in one of those scenes. This was actually unusual for Regine and it was effective.

Basically, I am just happy that we have Spring Films. I am tired of the traditional and hopefully a lot of this film outfits would just follow that art is for everybody. We don’t mind if the plot is cheap, we know that we need more of these films in the future.


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