Kontrobersyal.1981.Lino Brocka


With the recent scandal provided to us by Hayden Kho, et. al, you wouldn’t probably mind that more than twenty-five years ago, Lino Brocka already came up with a film that tackles the same nature of humiliation. The medium might be different and even the situation but the idea of scandals has been haunting the industry for decades already.

So, I found out why mom didn’t bother to talk much of this film. I just told her that I got a copy recently. Usually, she would rave a film if she liked it especially if it is a Filipino film shown years ago. This time, she didn’t even bother to ask more about it. I found out why. I guess one of a good factor in watching an old film is the fact that you only know about the actors, actresses, and the director behind it and you don’t even know what the story of the film is.

Provided the year this was made, it was quite obvious that the medium used for the scandal is the betamax, as this method for films were way more popular than the laser disc and the VHS mainly due to its cheap price compared to others. I have been hearing stories about scandals during the seventies; I guess one of the most famous icons in this genre is George Estregan. I personally haven’t had the “luck” to watch any of those scandals but watching this film gave me a good idea on why they were made.

Aside from us watching Charo Santos doing her stuff on Maalaala Mo Kaya weekly and Gina Alajar providing her usual drama roles, there was a time when Santos had a bitch of a character and Alajar having a very daring character in this film. I may say that during those times, this film was probably treated in a bold sense. Think of your usual Basic Instinct or any film that provides nudity and coital scenes, Lino Brocka, the director, was able to provide us the sad life of actors and actresses before.

I’m sure a dark film like this can be remade with the times provided to us. I still believe that the stories supplied to us before can still be shown to us today. I know that scandals do exist, along with blackmails and other ideas that corrupt a person if ever he or she enters the crazy world of Philippine showbiz. And watching Kontrobersyal today, wouldn’t change much of my perception on what money and power can do in exchange of popularity and fame.



  1. hello, good day! may i please buy a coy of this film? this is my number 09308254560. thanks

  2. hello, good day! may i please buy a copy of this film? this is my number 09308254560. thanks

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