Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire.2009.Lee Daniels


I believe 2009 is a mix of both worlds either for the non- and the box-office films. It was probably due to a semi-post recession U.S. that some of the films made looked b-movie-ish, with an obvious example are the blockbuster surprise hit Paranormal Activity. Then, we have an almost unknown film, save for the promotional assistance by Oprah Winfrey and the praises it gained on Sundance and Cannes provided the popularity for the film, made waves by providing a probable Golden Globes and Oscar wins.

Based on a 1996 novel by Sapphire, Precious is a story of a teenager living in a house that doesn’t contain all the aspects of a home. Raped by her father and constantly abused by her mother; this is the story of the not so simple life of Precious. Amidst the name of the lead role, you’d feel her journey on the wickedness that life had provided to her, thereby affecting her psychological and emotional being that puts her on a great risk in living on the real world.

Whenever the Oscars is near, you’ll always be reminded with hard-hitting drama films or depressing films provided by the awards body. Think of it this way, with the recent Oscars, they’ve provided us with Changeling, Gran Torino, Rachel Getting Married, and Doubt. I’m not saying that it is tiring to watch films that would probably give you the emotional drainage; it is just the time of the year when the blockbusters have to step down for a moment and give those films leading to art.

Gabourney Sidibe, who played Precious, provides us with her first acting experience in the lead role; thereby giving her a lot of nominations. I believe one of the factors that made her stand out is due to her being an unknown in the acting world. She knows that she couldn’t lose anything if she tried that big role and with the outcome of the film, I think she was right when she took the chance.

Aside from Gabourney, a lot of credit goes to Mo’Nique, Precious’ mom, who really portrayed the “evil in every sense” mother. I grew in a conservative home and it was quite shocking with all the scenes portrayed by Mo’Nique. I guess a lot of people would be shocked too despite this one being a film only. What more with the person who did this in real life?

I can just say a lot of kudos to the director, Lee Daniels, in giving us a film fit for today. With the mix of Precious’ fantasies and an assertive reality, you wouldn’t mind and wonder on how many households are having this kind of dilemma. I do hope this is a way and an eye-opener for our society that things like these do happen and hope that our future would just provide a home peaceful for everyone.


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