The Family Man.2000.Brett Ratner


When was the last time you’ve seen Nicolas Cage star in a family friendly film? The closest I can think of with this question is the Ghost Rider. And even that film that features a man with a skull of a head that rides a motorcycle doesn’t look kiddie friendly. To add, National Security moves more on the The Da Vinci Code genre. So basically we can really tell that Nicolas Cage is more of an action based actor. After watching The Family Man, you can actually say that he can join the family friendly genre after all.

The premise was so simple. The use of the words choice and chance are magnificently utilized in this film. The film starts out with a young couple where the guy leaves the girl in the airport. Years after, the film gives us the guy to be the Wall Street person. He is extremely successful in his field and he can easily say that he doesn’t really need anything else in his life.

But lo and behold, the film magic gives him the taste of being a family man. He is now married with the person he left in the airport. He has two kids. And there are real people around him. They are not just there because they need to work, but you can say that they are friends and extended family he’s been with all these years.

I was actually impressed with Nicolas Cage. Maybe some people would say I am wrong but it was his stiffness that brought the character all throughout the film. It was all too amusing in fact that I kept asking myself on how the hell would he pull himself to dress down from the Action-genre glitter and just see him as an ordinary person that takes care of kids. Think of it this way, Vin Diesel did The Pacifier but up until now, you can still see him doing more action roles.

Brett Ratner, the director, was able to show the best of both worlds basing with Nicolas Cage’s character. It was effective that Nicolas Cage looked really stumped in front of kids or even on how to be an ordinary individual. I guess it was all on the look of Nicolas’ face every time he was given a new challenge with his so called “new” life.

Aside from Nicolas Cage, Tea Leoni, Don Cheadle, and Jeremy Piven complete the cast for this surprisingly romantic family comedy from Ratner. I believe the supporting cast was also a factor on why this film pulled through thereby giving the film a sort of box-office hit back in the year 2000.



  1. Whoa. Kay Brett Ratner pala ‘to. I love this movie. Okay chemistry nila Leoni at Cage.

  2. sana may team up ulit sila!

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