An Education.2009.Lone Scherfig


It is really refreshing to see a near adult individual who tries to defy everything, just to follow his or her dreams. Sometimes things are always meant to be too good to be true and even if it would really hurt the individual; experience is the greatest way to learn things above everything else.

There are a few films out there that cater to the teaching of morals and it is quite impressive if a film would actually be able to pull through albeit its ending that might not fit a blissful reply. Nonetheless, even adults like me can still learn a lot from these kinds of films even if we have experienced them already. Who cares actually if we are way past are teens. What is important is that stories like these are informed to everyone even with the most gullible individuals.

Despite Alfred Molina’s so-so acting, for me, lead actress Carey Mulligan, who has those Audrey Hepburn like approach, was effective with her innocent at first approach to the I am sorry I did all those crazy things position.

This film actually tells us something; that sometimes we really do have to think over the choices that this universe is throwing at us; that the future is extremely important; and that everywhere we go we would always gain something from everything, good or bad, stupid or not.

Sometimes though, we do have to take that chance. Like what Carey did. I know what she did was necessary and our life is actually short and we don’t need to care about what the other people would say about me or to whoever who’s going to take that crazy chance. Yes, that’s what this film is telling us. I know this is kind of subjective and love and craziness is such a good thing that it will kill you in the end.

And just like what the film provides us in the end. Reality will really kick back in. All the horrible things would show. All the oh-my-god, I hope I did not do this moments will haunt us. But aren’t you happy you saw this film? You don’t need to taste the hurt, you learn it while watching.


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