Biktima.1990.Lino Brocka


I have always had the notion that old-school Filipino drama films, the ones shown in the eighties and in the early nineties, would probably be all the same. I guess I was really wrong, probably I always thought that those movies that star Sharon Cuneta or Christopher De Leon would end up with me crying shamefully (come on, I’m a guy for goodness sakes). But sometimes you just have to watch a lot of films to understand that you’ll be wrong once in a while.

Let us start first with the awards that Biktima received; an FAP Best Picture and a Best Actor for Christopher De Leon, and three Best Supporting Actress wins for Gina Alajar with FAMAS, Star Awards, and Urian.

For obvious reasons, I was not much a fan of the local cinema. I always go for the humor. After some soul searching a few years ago and after catching this film, I know that I should venture more into our beautifully made films and enjoy them despite its dragging look. As the saying goes, ‘that doesn’t look what it looks like’.

Though I could still catch a few loopholes in the story, it didn’t matter I think with the way it was started, it was well understood on how the story will go. But with the weakness of the film, comes the perfect plot twist for the story: you welcomed your enemy, the enemy did its own natural purpose and that is to create havoc which was tastefully made by Christopher De Leon.

I am also happy that Lino Brocka, the director was still able to create a few more films, including this one before his death on 1991. His films would always be, for me, a legacy.

The story is actually simple, the antagonist creates havoc. The protagonist helps the victim. The antagonist befriends the protagonist and the story gets interesting from that point. Now, who would’ve thought that Sharon Cuneta would give this kind of performance? I’ve always known her to be the cry-fest queen and I didn’t know that she once starred in this drama-thriller of a film. I am just glad that I was able to catch it.


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