Boyz N The Hood.1991.John Singleton


The nineties really gave a big factor on the minority movies. African-American eye-openers are starting to get jiggy with mainstream cinema. And these films are used, especially with the traditional, to educate everyone what really is happening in such places.

I’ve been constantly hearing this film and Do the Right Thing a lot of times already. Since these are mostly two decades old, the availability of these films is really hard to find. And for the film-lover in me, I wanted to instruct myself that at least films would teach me, since most of the time history essay is way boring than, obviously, watching a film that mostly leads on a subjective sense or whatever the director wants the film to be.

This film is quite simple actually if it is shown today. As countless of African-American films have already used the same topic over and over again. It was always the use of vengeance or ‘an eye for an eye’ method in the script. Although, that may sound a little bit unfair, we also have to look on what reality is giving us. That a lot of these stories are true and that it is really killing the society especially for those minorities in America.

As said, there are really a lot of films that gives us the idea of this film. The newer films being brought to us were actually trying to save the story and even the people regarding senseless violence. And I think a lot of filmmakers are probably thanking this film because it introduced a new level of genre, probably we can call it a gangsta cinema.

Now, with the type of genre that this film started, I am hoping to watch more of this kind. It would be nice if those films would also include solutions, and I guess we are actually going in that direction. With The Blind Side and Precious recently shown, I really do guess that we are heading in the right direction.


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