Fantastic Mr. Fox.2009.Wes Anderson


Critics were saying that Wes Andersons’ films are on a downhill. With the release of The Life Aquatic, which retains the Anderson taste but there is a feel of a decline critically, and with The Darjeeling Limited, which was probably forgettable in a way (not for me though), Wes bounces back with a family friendly film that features three men and a fabulous fox.

Aren’t we just glad that some of Roald Dahl’s novels are slowly being converted and shown on the big screen? With Matilda and two versions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we have here a film about a fox who is basically acting upon its nature. This time, it is quite of different though, we have here the animal kingdom being able to converse with the humans.

One of the fabulous factors on why this film is awesome is the fact that the Anderson humor can be easily seen. I felt it when the mechanics of the animal game was explained; ala old-school sports Disney Goofy television shorts.

The character development and background was also well-explained, as Anderson is usually known to do this. So, despite a lot of cut to cut scenes that are wholly independent with each other, you would be able to easily identify and understand how the film is being introduced and narrated.

Now, let us go back on the main purpose of this film. This is actually a children’s film that can be enjoyed by all ages. Though the punch lines are more diverted to the intellectual sense, as slapstick is depreciated compared to a film like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, it is still suave for the film having the Anderson trademark instilled all through out the film.

Also, the trademark Anderson soundtrack can be heard, mostly with the use of country like music. And with the use of this, the film didn’t come out adult looking or childish looking. I guess you can put this one on the middle part, whatever that means.

I am actually glad that Wes Anderson, the director, was able to create a children’s film. I know that polarizing directors are really trying to prove to every one that they can tackle all forms of genre and with this film, a highly good, taking out the main moral of the story, and enjoyable film.


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