Surrogates.2009.Jonathan Mostow


Looking back, I was trying to understand on why this film didn’t hit it big in the market. You get some cool androids controlled by their alternate humans. You have Bruce Willis top-billing the film. And you have an I, Robot type of film. So, what was painfully wrong with this film? Let’s try to check this one out.

The film looked cool in a sense; I actually liked it in a sort of boring way. Just put it this way, I want to give this film a chance as it bombed in the box office, losing around twenty million in the process. I guess Bruce Willis is heading to the Wesley Snipes way, with 2008 and 2009 giving his three films on a non-blockbuster-ish level, except maybe for Assassination of a High School President which I actually really liked.

I do hope his career is saved with the upcoming The Expendables film to be shown on August of this year.

Now, the film probably lacked a lot of narration. The Surrogates idea should’ve been the one who brought the film but it really didn’t go that way. Maybe the people saw this in the eyes of I, Robot or even the ending part in the eyes on one of the X-men films. It was used and they could’ve added some factors on the side, maybe adding back stories for the minor players. It felt that I was watching the latest Die Hard film in an independent sense.

Though I am still trying to find it in my heart that this film did really made any sense. It seemed good to me and hoping that this is one of that Blade Runner in the market. Or maybe the feel of watching it wasn’t really there. Or probably, a better script should’ve been used and instead of just banking with its lead star.

Nonetheless, the film is not actually sucky and it is still worth watching for the action sci-fi type in you. Just don’t expect much and like what they always say, “try to enjoy the show.”


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